Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

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Charles and I were awakened by the blaring sound of a fire alarm in our hotel and suddenly realized it was already 11 in the morning and we had overslept again (it turned out to be a false alarm). Still dead tired and with a bit of a hang over from our Night Out in Macau, we hurriedly packed our things, got ready and checked out from the Grand Lapa hotel. We left our luggage at the lobby and headed straight to Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center. After a bit of exploring the place and a cup of strong latte, my excitement cannot be contained anymore.


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The Macau Tower offers the world's highest commercial bungy jump.


I could feel the pressure in my ears slowly building up as the glass-fronted lift swiftly ascended the 388-meter tower towards the view deck. There was no turning back now – we had already paid the whole package and it was non-refundable. I wasn’t scared though (not yet anyway!). I guess it didn’t really sink in yet what was about to unfold in a few minutes. It was cold and chilly that morning and colder on top. The thick fog surrounding the view deck was a big disappointment for me– goodbye panoramic photos. But then I thought this could be a good thing. Plummeting blindly into an unknown abyss suddenly sounded a better option than having a clear view of where I was going to plunge.


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Caffeine boosting first in one of the cafes at the ground floor of the convention center.


After signing the usual permit freeing them of any liability in case something happens, we were given a bungee shirt, a “bracelet” and the key to our locker to store our things. The extra layer of shirt over my fleece jacket was way appreciated and it helped a bit in curbing my shivers while waiting for our turn. We were the fourth in line but suddenly “promoted” to third when the girl ahead of us decided not to jump (very encouraging!) One after another, I heard a long terrifying aaahhhhhhhhhh! Finally, it was our turn and I agreed to jump first. Unlike Charlie, this was my first time to bungee jump and the closest things I have done so far were zip lining and flying fox. That’s when my fear started to sink in. I just realized that there would be no friction to diminish the speed unlike in Sky Jumping, which they also offer. It’s going to be a complete free-fall on my own with just a rope tied on my feet. The “4-6 seconds only” mantra in my head didn’t seem so reassuring anymore.


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Before I knew it, I was standing at the edge of the platform. After some more reminders, they asked me to raise my arms ala Titanic and dive head first. The rope tied around my feet started to tighten pulling me down to the edge. There was no way to escape now.  What in the world did I get myself into? I looked down beyond the cold misty fog and suddenly blurted out,”Oh no! I can’t do this...” I bet they’ve heard that a thousand times already. They just shrugged it off and told me, “Of course you can!” The only thing stopping me then from backing out was the fact that it was non-refundable!

I closed my eyes, cleared my mind and then jumped…

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I went feet first (not following instructions!). The pull of gravity was so overpowering and the 6 seconds of fall seemed like eternity. Halfway through, when I was already upside down, done with two sets of long ahhhhhhhhh and finally got my bearings, I opened my eyes and actually felt good. Ironically, I felt calm and peaceful and the adrenaline rush was addictive. I would definitely do it again. It was the shortest and most expensive 6 seconds of my life. A few minutes later, I heard Charlie screaming at the top of his lungs too. What a great way to cure a hang-over!


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Fast Facts :

Bungy Jump was originally invented by the Vanuatu from the Southern Pacific Islands, and was performed as a ritual celebrating adulthood. It was then introduced to England and the United States, and was finally made popular via New Zealand. In 1987, AJ Hackett made a “Jump to Fame” from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and this marks the true beginning of modern bungy jumping. From then on, AJ Hackett popularized the sport to the world, and has since set up Bungy outlets in many countries

Macau Tower, also known as Macau Sky Tower, is a tower located in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The tower measures 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point. It has an observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and offers the Skywalk X – a thrilling walking tour around the outer rim.  In recent years, it has been used for a variety of adventurous activities. At 233 meters, the Macau Tower’s tethered “skyjump” and Bungee jump by world renowned AJ Hackett from the tower’s outer rim, is the highest in the world. The tower was created by the architecture firm of Craig Craig Moller.

You can view the prices for the Macau bungee jump and other adventures online.

Source: Wikipedia

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