Dubai: A City of Contrasts

Dubai is a fascinating city that grew out of the desert dust in recent decades to become one of the most popular tourist and trade destinations. Dubai is the gleaming metallic gem of the Emirates states. A desert city with superb infrastructure, liberal policies (compared to other Arab countries) and plenty of things to do. Just five hours from Europe and three hours from other parts of the Middle East, this is prime real estate for shopping, sunbathing, fine dining and rubbing shoulders with old money and the newly minted. Flights to Dubai are easy to book all year round.

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In the tallest, biggest and most intimidating stakes it wins hands-down. The world’s tallest structure is located here – the Burj Khalifa – which stands at 2,723 feet. The previous contender was the Taipei 101 but this has now been overtaken. Burj Khalifa tower hosts nine hotels and a Las Vegas style fountain.  The visitors deck isn’t at the very top, however it’s still one of the highest outdoor viewing decks in the world and everything looks suitably ant-like from up there.

The Burj al Arab hotel is a glimpse into how the other half live and it is the only seven star hotel in the world. Entry to the place requires a reservation and a very smart dress code.  It is possible to have a meal in the hotel, afternoon tea or cocktails in one of the most opulent places you will ever experience.

For something totally different, try snow skiing in the desert. Now possible at the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road. This offers both skiing and snowboarding with five runs to choose from in a comfortable -4 degrees. Considering it can get to more than 50 degrees celcius at times outside, this can be a nice place to rest. Everything is supplied so you don’t have to worry about winter equipment. For some more fascinating glimpses into a city of contrasts, visit Dubai and be amazed!


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