Egypt: Diving for Discounts

Diving in the Red Sea is something that many envisage as a wonderful experience. The reality however, is far more spectacular than you could ever imagine. Egypt has become a diver’s paradise, and Sharm el Sheikh is the beach side town that gave Egypt that top reputation. Divers from all over the world regularly enjoy a Sharm el Sheikh holiday throughout the year, for an inspirational diving experience and also a bit of a break whilst they are there.

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Whatever your reason for coming here, package holidays can take the stress out of your trip. Take package holidays with Thomas Cook for example. They’ll give you the best of both worlds – you’ll be located in a diver’s mecca but also have everything on hand to make your stay as comfortable or as luxurious as you wish. This is particularly handy if you’re taking non-diving family or friends with you on the trip, as Sharm el Sheikh is far more than just a diving centre. In fact the resorts nearby make some other vacations pale in comparison.

With beautiful sun-drenched beaches, a long list of activities from wild water sports to history tours, glitzy casinos and Egyptian coffee houses decked out with the obligatory shisha pipes, not to mention a range of bars and restaurants, this quaint yet lively destination certainly has plenty going on even without the draw of the calm and glittering sea.

It’s this calmness of the sea that makes it such a marine paradise. With the still waters, the ecosystem has thrived, and the deep cool waters are packed with so many different species of marine life, including a fabulous coral display which houses many different species of fish. There are also plenty of wrecks to explore and with the excellent visibility it’s no wonder this has become one of the top places for divers and dry-landers to flock to.

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