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Usually when I travel I try to stay in lodgings that are, how shall I say it, at the “bottom end” of the price scale. I mean, the cheaper your accommodation, the more money you have for the fun stuff while you’re travelling, right? However after a few weeks hopping around from one dark, dingy, windowless cell to another, sometimes it’s nice to spend a night or two with some creature comforts – you know, things like your own bathroom, clean sheets and a window.

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So for our Malaysian adventure, Charles and I decided to spend our last two nights of the trip in Kuala Lumpur in slightly more luxurious lodgings. A fancy hotel was the obvious choice, although they always seem to me to be a bit sterile and disconnected from “real life” in the city, not to mention expensive and often cramped.

Always keen to try something a little different, booking accommodation through roomorama seemed like it might be a good alternative. Roomorama is a website that links people who have short-term accommodation available (rooms, apartments or even whole houses) with those who are seeking a place to stay. There is no middleman or agent involved – you communicate directly with the property owner. For a similar price as a hotel room you could have a whole apartment for yourself wherever in the world you choose to travel. Plus you have the opportunity to experience more of the “real culture” of your destination by staying in a residential neighborhood rather than the business district in which most hotels are located.

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The booking process is simple and secure. Just find a rental you like on and send an inquiry to the owner. Once the owner confirms availability you can make your booking and payment. You will receive a payment code that you hand over to the owner when you check into your accommodation. The owner then uses this code to redeem their payment from Roomorama.

This simple but effective system protects both the guest and the owner. Owner’s have the comfort of knowing their guests have pre-paid for their accommodation, while guests can be sure that the owner won’t receive payment unless they’re sure everything’s OK. And if things do go wrong, Roomorama have a 24×7 help line to assist.

And so we’re booked in for a couple of nights in a nice looking apartment not far from KL’s little India. We’re looking forward to our Roomorama stay, I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you want to know more, this video explains the Roomorama service a little further:

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